Guided Healing Reiki, Angel Card Reading & Animal Healing
in Hornsey, North London

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Healing and therapy based in Hornsey with good transport links to Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Highgate Angel and tarot card reading in North London

Healing and therapy Reki Highgate muswell Hill Crouch End Hornsey
Reiki hands on or off treatment distant healing balancing the chakara's. Also angel card readings tarot card readings

Welcome to Guided Healing
I have been a master of Reiki for a number of years having qualified through all the stages required to practice.

My first experiences of Reiki were at a very young age, even before I was able to recognise it as a healing practice. Growing up I was always just aware of a beautiful presence in my life
The more I became aware of this presence the more I yearned to express it. Fortunately I had my awakening when I met my Reiki Master who laid my path out through studies and courses and helped me to channel and control my gift. I am so fortunate that, as a result, I am able to utilise my gift to help others through difficult periods in their life and am keen to make this as much of my future as it is my present

Put simply, Reiki is an energy which dissolves any blockages within the body thus allowing it to restore it self back to health with gentle healing of the trauma on any level.
* Mental/anxiety/burnt out
* Physical pain
* Spiritual/re-connection
* Emotional/Depression
* Lack of confidence
* self loathing
* Childhood trauma
* life trauma, job loss, bulling, abuse, breakups, abortion, misscarrige, etc
* Relationship problems
* Addiction, ( substance, food, sex,shopping, etc
* self harming
* Creative block( writers block
* Decision making
* fear failure, or of success
* Exam Nerves
* Performance issues
* Bereavement
* Chronic fatigue/M.e
* Female Conditions.
* Migraine/Cluster headaches/physical tension
* Sleeping problems
* Immune system Disorders
* Back problems
* Digestive disorders.
* Support with chronic illness
* Support with terminal illness
* personal transitions
* finding your life purpose
*Self love

Healing is a process which re-connects us to our spiritual soul, most will feel calmer and more serene. After a Reiki treatment it is my hope that you will be able to cope more positively regaining confidence and balance within yourself.
Medical studies have determined that Reiki has a number of scientifically observable benefits including reducing stress and stress reactions therefore anxiety, lowering blood pressure and respiration rates and reduces bleeding and pain.
Please note that I do not claim that Reiki is guaranteed to cure you in a medical sense and I am an advocate for encouraging my clients to seek medical help where necessary.
Reiki re-connects us to our spiritual being, re-completing us and positioning us in the best way possible to heal. The treatment I provide is solely for my client's highest good and I will always respect their needs and choices and is well complimented to our angel card readings

My practice is based in Hornsey with good transport links to Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Highgate.
Reiki in Highgate
The universe has permitted me to take this path and I look forward to meeting you so that we can begin this healing journey together

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