Guided Healing Reiki, Angel Card Reading & Animal Healing
in Hornsey, North London

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Healing and therapy in Hornsey Muswell Hill Crouch End Reiki in Highgate

is a system of channeling life energy, it works to dissolve the blocked energy and restore the the body back to being healthy.
This is a very personnel practice that gently heals emotional,physical and mental traumas of life, helping to re balance our mind, body and soul to our spiritual being.
It is a compliment that work alongside other methods of treatment but it does not necessary mean it will clear all your symptoms.
The first introductory session is 50 minutes comprising of 15 minutes getting to know you and your expectations and noting your medical history we then move forward with reiki session.

Distant Healing
provides a healing process for those who cannot attend the practice, by channeling spiritual energy to the recipient on an agreed date and time
the recipient should have an open day free of stress and distractions, open there minds and set your intentions for the healing process.
We try to recognize and release negative emotions and patterns, help you to own your life path being good or bad, and realize that you might need to make changes so to gain fulfillment and control back into your life.
please note results may vary from person to person.

Angel cards -Tarot cards readings
this is a spiritual reading of selected Angel-Tarot cards which relate to the questions or circumstances in your current life path.
It will help you make changes where you require them, readings are good when your looking for Guidance and help,
in some circumstances it will help you to accept the changes you might need to make.
All results are sent personally to your private email address.
we are based in the Hornsey area encompassing Highgate Muswell Hill Crouch End with easy transport links.

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